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the exquisite boats
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The Exquisite Boat is a project reflecting on the transience and mobility of waste hauling and demolition industry and its ubiquitous presence in both the urban and natural context. The project is based upon a deceptively simple reorientation of space - the interior of a standard boat vessel - transformed from a volume occupied in the sea and onto land.

What is your memory from the sea? Is it the wind rustling your hair, the salty air, the crashing waves? Or is it the primordial pleasure of submerging and floating in water? The sea is bountiful of life and, unfortunately, non-life. We witness today a growing number of abandoned fiberglass boats across the marine landscape. The aquatic environment has demonstrated its inability to digest synthetic resin and her rejection to this material is clear. Yet we have not found a better way to manage such waste. 

This is a story of Red Kite, Sweet Caroline, Beaulieu, Javelin and others - boats that no longer identify with the sea. They are retired, neglected, broken, abandoned after being defeated by an unforgiving sea that has left them to deteriorate in harbours, garages and beaches. Like orphan children, the boats envy the warmth of belonging. After a lifetime at sea, sailing openly into horizons, from one harbour to the next, they cast their anchors one last time in Esch-sur-Sûre. Together they seek earnestly for a new existence and purpose as they venture towards life on land.

Let us journey through an alternate aquatic life, where the boats find rebirth with land people.

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